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The following products are sold and supported by Alpensoft ONLINE:

vircomlogo.bmp    Vircom: windows anti-spam & anti-virus solutions     

ModusGate: best in class anti-spam / anti-virus solutions for windows 2000 / 2003 servers.
ModusMail: E-Mail server application including anti-spam and/or anti-virus filtering. 
ModusBlockage: Cluster for distributed mail ModusGate gateways
Radius: Autentication Server for TCP/IP data and voice-over-IP networks


           DESlock: easy-to-understand encryption technology to everyday PC users    

DESlock+ has been designed to provide fast, on-the-fly encryption, protecting your data.
DESlock+ will secure your data against the threat of lost or stolen information.

   Inalp Patton Smartnode: VoIP, ToIP, QoS und VPN 

Inalp Networks develops and markets IP QoS Routers and VoIP Gateways. The Inalp products
scale in size and interface configurations to fit solutions from SOHO to corporate networks.
Alpensoft ONLINE creates VoIP and ToIP solutions for Small Businesses and Enterprises,
based on the products of Inalp Networks in combination with other products and services.


Lightning_Logo_blue_small           Lightning: broadband secure routers and firewalls    

LIGHTNING is a Swiss manufacturer of network access and security solutions: the MultiCom range
of broadband routers and firewalls, VPN IPSec gateways with strong encryption and security.
Lightning's MultiCom provide the highest levels of security, simplicity, flexibility, quality and
affordability while also offering customized solutions.