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Alpensoft ONLINE helps companies to localize, translate, publish, market and distribute their ICT products in the german speaking market. With experience in the ICT market since 1986, Alpensoft  ONLINE is your ideal and cost efficient partner to make your software and hardware products successful in D (Germany), A (Austria), CH (Switzerland) and LI (Liechtenstein).

Alpensoft ONLINE offers it's unique location and services in Central Europe, between Germany (20 minutes), Austria (5 minutes) and Switzerland (5 minutes), together with a  modern business center and ICT infrastructure, to serve your resellers, integrators, VAR/VAD and end users.

Alpensoft ONLINE helps ICT manufaturers  to distribute pr marketing material, give first and second level support, train sales and technical personnel, and manage everything else, to make your product fly in the german speaking market. We are not your distributor, we are not your reseller, but we act under your own name, address your needs in this market, work on behalf of you and represent your interests. We make the contacts for you, set up your distribution network and so on. We're at your commands!

Our rent-a-presence model is very cost efficient for you, because you don't have to hire staff and you don't have to rent offices and so on. But you still have a full featured, attended local precence in the middle of the german speaking market. That includes your own phone lines, web presence, e-mail answering and forwarding service, reception services in our office, visiting your customers at their offices including presenting yourproducts and services, all on your behalf and under your name. Because we can share the existing infrastructure with you, it will cost you much less, than if you would have to set up all this on your own.

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